the mountains are calling
  • liberationorstarvation:

    July 2014.  Camping alone in pristine Idaho wilderness can be one of the most terrifying yet fulfilling experiences.  Never experienced such beauty.

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    Go somewhere. Photo: @chrismathew_ #WellTravelled #LosAngeles by herschelsupply

  • joelbearstudios:

    Dawn patrol, @chrisburkard getting Half Dome wired.

    Honestly I can’t explain how rad it was meeting @chrisburkard and @prestonarichardson in Yosemite.
    Chris has had a huge influence on my photography with his passion and creativity.
    If you haven’t yet, checked out his work, please take a minute and stop by his instagram or website.
    #campvibes (at Glacier Point)

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  • beartreadway:

    My home in the Montana mountains.

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    Karen Binda
    Sony NEX-5

    What has tumblr done for you with regards to your work?

    Tumblr is a great place to find inspiration. I found a lot of photographers and other artists that I admire and look up to, and it is the best motivation to keep going even when you feel you’re not creating anything good. Using tumblr is also very easy. I started my blog when tumblr wasn’t half as big as it is now, so there was zero pressure (as opposed to, for example, flickr or 500px) and instead of focusing on exposure and popularity, I just focused on doing good work and improving at my own pace. I like to believe it worked :)

    Tumblr: @i-doll
    Society6: @karenbinda

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    Twists And Turns
    @deusemporium @thomassurfboards @raen @poler_australia #a_way_north

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